About Us

A.S.R.S. is a product from Grav I.T. LLC

Our mission is to provide the tools necessary to manage crisis situations using safe technology and mass communication.

Grav I.T. LLC is a family-owned and operated company based in Gravette, Arkansas.

Founded in 2018, Grav I.T. works to bring new, innovative solutions to ominous problems in today’s society.

Meet the Team

Amy Rambadt

Executive Director & Owner

​Being born and raised in a small farming community in South Dakota is what Amy attributes her passion for very strong family values as well as her strong Midwestern work ethic.

Amy has long been a leader in their community of Gravette, Arkansas. In 1997, Amy, along with her husband John, started up R&R Packaging, Inc (dba R&R Solutions) in their hometown of Gravette, AR where they have created over 500 new jobs. Amy is also very active in her community and has served as Alderman on the Gravette City Council, and also served on the Gravette High School Building Committee during the construction of the new facility.

Amy, along with her husband and family, have been instrumental in the development of the Gravette community. Her strong background in construction and construction management has given her the skills and knowledge necessary to help manage and oversee some major real estate development projects in and around Gravette. Her knowledge and understanding of project management is a major reason that the Rambadt family has been so successful with many of the endeavors they have pursued.

In 2018, Amy, along with the Rambadt family, recognized the need for the security and education systems to better be equipped to respond to threats. Together they formed Grav I.T., LLC. and began development of their first go-to market product line, Active Shooter Response System (A.S.R.S.). Family is important to Amy and the entire Rambadt family, and she is excited to be working alongside her now adult kids, Bekah, Benny, and Eric, as they work together to innovate and revolutionize physical security.

Eric Rambadt

Chief Technology Officer

Eric is the oldest son of Amy and John Rambadt. His passion though is in design and product development. Eric is a dedicated and proficient CAD and AutoCAD design professional with an acute attention to detail.

Eric has worked in different capacities at each of the family businesses, but his focus has always remained on the technical aspect of their products and services. When they formed Grav I.T. LLC., Eric took on the executive role as Chief Technology Officer and has overseen product development and IT support of their A.S.R.S. product lines.

Eric attended Embry-Riddle for two years before transferring to UAFS to be closer to home and go to school with his now wife, Kendra. After transferring to UAFS with a full class load, Eric also worked full time for the family company, (R&R Solutions), while doing a complete home remodel/flip house.

Eric’s expertise is in CAD and AutoCAD, but he has spent much time learning on the job. Including lots of research about microcontrollers and every aspect of the system in order to ensure communication with vendors produces the best quality product for Grav I.T.

With his combination of education, experience and passion, Eric has demonstrated that he has the knowledge and understanding necessary to help lead the family business into the future. And perhaps moreover, to oversee every aspect of product development, from concept to production, to market launch.

Bekah Connell


Bekah graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in May of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After college, she worked as a Victim Witness Coordinator for Arkansas’s 20th Judicial District for about a year.

A ‘people-person’ to the core, Bekah always wanted to do something that could benefit people in a meaningful way. She always believed that to accomplish this meant working for a nonprofit organization. However, in 2018, with the help of her family, that dream became a step closer when together, they launched Grav I.T. LLC. and began developing their A.S.R.S. products. “Family is a priority.” That is the Rambadt family moto and what people in your life are more important than family? Bekah could not pass up the opportunity to implement a lifesaving product and getting to do it with her family.

A.S.R.S. speaks to Bekah on an intimate level. Having gone to school in a post Columbine world provides her with a unique perspective on how active shootings affect culture today, especially our education communities. Bekah is honored to be a part of the team of people, and in an industry, where improving community safety is the number one priority.

Benjamin "Benny" Rambadt

Co-Owner & Co-Founder

Benjamin is the youngest of the Rambadt family, and is currently active duty in the United States Army as a Fire Support Specialist (MOS 13F) in Fort Carson, CO.

But being the youngest doesn’t mean that he hasn’t played an important role in the success of the family business.

Benny worked hard in both concert and marching band playing the French Horn and Mellophone where he participated in many local and state competitions earning his school many awards. Benny traveled on several mission trips where he worked with teams to help with home improvement projects in repressed neighborhoods. Most of his work has been done on the Rambadt Farm where he was responsible for the daily upkeep of machinery and preventative maintenance. These experiences have taught him the importance of hard work and work ethic, which he carries with him in his military career.

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