Why have a Plan?

ASRS- Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker explains Why Have A Plan

Why have a plan?

“The hero rabbi held hostage in his Texas synagogue has credited active-shooter training for helping him save his congregants. He revealed Monday that he threw a chair at the terrorist so they could finally escape.

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker said the training he got from police and the FBI kicked in toward the end of the terrifying 10-hour standoff Saturday at his Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville…”  Read More   NYpost news article

“When the survivors of last weekend’s attack on a Texas synagogue talk about why they’re alive today, they point to two factors.

One is the work of law enforcement. The second is the training and preparation they got from the Secure Community Network, a nonprofit safety and training organization that is “working to build a protective, proactive shield over the North American Jewish community,” as its national director and CEO told CNN.
“Those courses, that instruction, helped me to understand that you need to act in moments where your life is threatened,” Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker told CNN just days after he and others launched a daring escape from a hostage-taker who’d earlier joined their worship service.
“I would not have had the courage, I would not have had the know-how or (known) what to do without that instruction.”  Read More CNN after the fact news article

Rarely do we get an update... October 2022

JewishInsider recently released an update on this story in the e-edition.  Click HERE for information on the lessons learned during the first High Holiday season since the Colleyville attack.

Ready to train and make your plan?

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