Who stops a “bad guy with a gun”?

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Who stops a bad guy with a gun?

This review of American active shooter attacks reveals that most are over before police arrive.  Is it appropriate for the staff of a facility to be tactically trained for an active shooter event?  Is it appropriate for them to be armed or have access to a weapon?  Who stops a bad guy with a gun?

By Larry Buchanan and Lauren Leatherby

“The lengthy police response to a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and the death of an armed security guard as part of an attack on a Buffalo supermarket last month have drawn fresh scrutiny to a recurring (and uniquely American) debate: What role should the police and bystanders play in active shooter attacks, and what interventions would best stop the violence?

The debate has moved to Capitol Hill as lawmakers consider gun safety legislation that could increase funding for mental health services, school safety and other measures aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. “What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys,” Senator Ted Cruz suggested in the wake of the Uvalde shooting, echoing many other gun rights advocates over the years…”  Read More

What can you do to be pepared?

Sensible security awareness training allows you to be Security Savvy.  Find out more at the A.L.I.V.E. – Active Shooter Survival Training Program website.

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