On the Subject of Mass Shootings-Have Americans Become Numb?

A.S.R.S. - Active Shooter Response On the subject of Mass Shootings Mourners

On the subject of Mass Shootings- Have Americans become Numb?

A.S.R.S. was created to provide access to weapons by tactically trained persons in the event of an active threat event.  It is our mission to Save Lives.  After the tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX on May 24, 2022 and the mass shooting at a 4th of July celebration parade in Highland Park, IL on July 4, 2022 we are not only heartbroken, but frustrated as we see our lawmakers “move on” as the news cycle changes.  But that seems to be the only thing that changes. Until the next event, where the news once again shows grief-stricken family members and survivors trying to deal with the after effects.  Hence our question- On the subject of mass shootings, have Americans become numb?

We read the article in the Chicago Sun-Times written by Lynn Sweet, who was at the parade and witnessed the event.  She did her job as a photojournalist and took pictures as it unfolded.  We share this article with you with the same trepidation the Chicago Sun-Times did- do we share the information, the raw facts, or do we insulate it and share the story?  This is the link to her submission.  Please note, it includes a photo of one decedent, with a warning.

A message from Our Executive Director

We include a message as to why we posted this news story with comment below from Ms. Amy Rambadt, Executive Director of Grav IT / A.S.R.S., who spoke with a personal friend who lives in Highland Park, IL.  For the purposes of this post, his name has been changed to “Steve”:

“”Steve” felt that the warning label over the photo in the article forwarded over from us, was VERY well written. Even as close to the situation as he is – he feels that it is important to ensure we do not get desensitized to these events even as they appear to become commonplace.   “Steve” mentioned that if we are waiting for a better time to start the conversation, it will never happen.  He sent me an article that states over 330 mass shootings in 2022 alone. That averages to 2 per day! He later sent me an article to explain where he came up with that number.  Link to NY Times article
“The group that the NY Times is using for their numbers bases their calculations on the following:
“”Mass Shooting Methodology and Reasoning: Mass Shootings are, for the most part, an American phenomenon. While they are generally grouped together as one type of incident they are several with the foundation definition being that they have a minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed, not including any shooter who may also have been killed or injured in the incident“. Link to their website
“This is different from how the FBI calculates a mass shooting, but I feel these are still very relevant numbers. It varies from group to group as their motivation for the publication of data regarding gun violence. Debates drone on and on about more gun control; stricter background check requirements; gun elimination, more police, fewer police. . . .
 “Facts are facts – mass shootings are real, and we, Grav I.T. LLC / A.S.R.S., have an option that can be considered a part of a comprehensive solution.  We do not have the one and only solution – no one does. But we are providing SOMETHING!  AND it is available right NOW.  While the passionate debate can continue regarding the 2nd amendment, we offer our secure vaults that are wall storage with complete accountability and reporting capabilities. What the end-user puts inside the vault is THEIR CHOICE.  Debate on Guns
“Here is an example of a VERY recent situation where a good guy with a gun stepped in and prevented what could have been a huge loss of life.  Link

In conclusion

“Well, that became a lot more than I initially intended. I do want to stress that whatever we put out on social media or on our website we need to make sure we STRESS that we are attempting to be part of a solution.  A lot of folks talk about it – we want to DO SOMETHING about it.”

On the subject of Mass Shootings- Have Americans become Numb?

A.S.R.S. - Active Shooter Response- On the subject of Mass Shootings
Our Mission is to Save Lives

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